20 December 2016


Hello Friends,
I have finally, with the help of my dear friend Brian, put together a website and a store.  In addition to  a variety of things available to purchase, this new website features a blog, which I will be using instead of this one.  However, this one will stay up, just as http://joyousexpansion.blogspot.com (my very first blog) is still up.

Additionally, as the work continues to expand, I will be producing an even broader variety of items, like, say, bedding, tapestries, rugs, etc... If you would like to know when exciting things are happening, then take a moment and leave me your email address.  The link below will take you directly to the CONTACT page.


18 October 2016


To not understand the nature of things,
to not understand the nature
of one's self, is to 
wander aimlessly in the illusion.

If a Human Being doesn't embrace 
his own power or 
understand from where it comes,
he will define himself with 
external things and with every
new thing his attachment deepens.

Once his identity is solidly enmeshed
with the material world,
his fear begins leading him, 

causing patterns of negative expectations.

The idea of change becomes abhorrent
and he becomes suspicious, 
as he knows his identity is threatened 
by anything temporary or expansive.

He will see people, situations, circumstances which are
a vibrational match for what is emanating from him, his Vibrational Tone
and matching his fear, 
he will draw them right into his path.

Although, I am not a religious man, 
I do believe having awareness 
of my spirituality has been essential in understanding 
life, responding in a productive way and loving myself.

I believe there is no ultimate, big, dramatic goal or prize for suffering enough or sponsoring enough, for living badly or living well, yet perhaps, a simple satisfaction for having lived fully.

Just as there are no neutral thoughts, all thoughts are creative, there is no standing still, nor is there regression.  One cannot be less than he was before  We are drawn forward by the expansive nature of our being, by the involuntary part of us which, much like our bodies internal organs operating outside of our conscious awareness, do so without our permission or guidance.

This aspect of our being draws us into situations and circumstances to ignite, uplift, inflame or inspire us into embracing the expansion into which it has already gone.  It forces a response from us.

However, with an understanding of the way it works, we could work to align the two aspects of our being, bypassing much of the struggle, creating more pleasing and enjoyable contrasting moments and simply living in awareness so our choices would be founded in Self-Respect, out of which blossoms Self-Love.


14 October 2016


This post goes out to my mom,
BETTY JANE RACCA MADDEN, wherever she is now.  I celebrate this day to honor the being through which I came forth into this life.

For all of the wonderfully useful, loving, unique, special, informative, authentic, not to mention spot on, advice over the years I was so blessed to share with you, I thank you, I adore you, I love you!

I'm extremely grateful to even have known you at all, but then to have had you as my mother, too...well, I am humbled by the extent of my good fortune.

I will strive for all of my life to live authentically in the service of kindness, love, and joy with grace and gratitude for the love I was given. 

In a time when hate and meanness are being so loudly expressed,
I'm committed to look at the love around me
and express, through word, deed and intention,
my experience of the 

Mother would always say, 
"When you feel like you've got nothing left to give,
love more." 
Some of the best advice I was ever given.